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  • Best Fitness Training In Sterling VA Is At Verity Speed & Strength

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Sign up below to set up a Free No Sweat Intro. This Free One-on-One introductory session is an hour-long private class with your coach at Verity. He or she will go over our methodology, coach you through a few foundational movements, and run you through a short workout so you can get a taste of what we do on a daily basis.
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After your Free Origin Assessment and you have decided Verity is right for you. Start your Origins Training Program and learn everything you need to be successful in class!

Experienced CrossFitter?

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If you have trained at a registered CrossFit Affiliate previously and are looking to join Verity Speed & Strength, sign up below to get started with a free class!
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After your Trial Class, and you have decided on Verity as your new home, select one of our complete membership packages and jump into classes.

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