When you walk through the doors at Verity Speed & Strength we guarantee your time here with us will be the best hour of your day.

Our primary focus is to create the very best fitness experience where you don’t want the class to end. We believe that getting in shape should be fun, challenging, and applicable to your life! want you to fall in love with working out. We know that the hardest part of being successful with any workout regimen is coming to the gym in order to get results. That’s why we are constantly varying your workouts so they don’t get boring. And once you meet your coaches and make a few friends, you won’t want to miss a day at the gym.

You will learn something new and grow stronger and more confident every day you come to Verity. We prioritize proper form and mechanics before heavy weights and high intensity. And once you master the basics of strength, conditioning, and bodyweight movements… the sky is the limit in what’s possible for you.

See you at the box!

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