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Everyone deserves to feel strong and fit, you are no different.

Inactivity is the enemy

When you commit to a lifestyle of fitness the physical, mental, and emotional benefits are endless. Everyone is fighting their own battles, let us be your guide. 

We Care about you

"I have been struggling with stubborn weight for years. Playing sports didn't help. I was lucky enough to find Verity and Monroe as a coach that took so much personal care and precious time to get the desired results. I would highly recommend this gym to everyone that would like to transform their life towards healthy living. Their nutrition plan simply works, Period."
Khadri S.
"This is truly a great place with an awesome community. I've been very well coached and encouraged. There hasn't been an instructor that is anything short of excellent. I highly recommend this place for any level of experience. Even if you are like me and can not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs you can still do it and will notice how your body will get stronger in a very short time."
Marina S.
"Had a life-changing experience here at this gym! The atmosphere is empowering, friendly, and fun! There is accountability and push while having fun! Monroe is hands down, one of the best people I've met in the fitness industry! It's not about money and memberships, it's about people and health! He has the heart to serve and that can't be bought!"
Christine L.

Fitness origins plan

Simple steps to life changing results
Step One

Schedule a free trial to see what a class is like

Step Two

Allow us to create a customized workout/nutrition plan for you

Step Three

Execute the plan with us to get fit and healthy

Life is short. You ought to look and feel amazing...let us help

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